About Baby Pea Clothing

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Meet the Baby Pea Clothing team!

  • Wendy "Aunt Wendy" - Co-Owner | Chief Imagination Officer | Fairy | Aunt
  • Jessica Kai "Sweet Pea" - Co-Owner | Super Mom | Photographer

Baby Pea Clothing is an online shop that offers unique and custom boho, fun, and fashionable children’s clothing with matching apparel for the entire family! Designed with love by an aunt and niece duo.

Baby Pea Clothing started with inspiration from custom designs made for Kais by his “Fairy” great aunt - and our friends and family loved them. So we began this journey.

Our hope to be able to contribute towards Kais's college fund and support local children’s charities.

Meet Baby Pea!

boho baby clothingKais "Baby Pea" is our inspiration. We love making fun designs and they are all "Baby Pea" approved!

If you are wondering how to pronounce Kais here's a little help!



We hope you enjoy shopping around our little store!

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