10 Fun Facts About Wendy (Co-owner / Chief Imagination Officer & Fairy)

wendy wheeler baby pea clothing
  1. I'm Kais's great aunt, but I am known as his Fairy ๐Ÿงšโ€โ™€๏ธ Why? I've always wanted to be a fairy godmother (like in fairytales). But, that is too long for a kid to say so we shortened it to "Fairy" and I can't wait for the day when he can say it!
  2. I'm a serial entrepreneur and currently own three businesses.
  3. I'm a certified Clinical Aromatherapist and love essential oils.
  4. Making hand poured candles is my happy place.
  5. I've been married since 2006 to a wonderful and supportive husband, Drew.
  6. I absolutely adore my two amazing nieces, Jessica Kai and Brittney - and of course my Baby Pea!
  7. All Baby Pea Clothing original designs are made with ๐Ÿ’— by me.
  8. I love cats and have two, Hemingway (a polydactyl) and Wiggles (a feral rescue).
  9. I call Kais Baby Pea because my nickname for Jessica Kai is Sweet Pea. So it was perfectly fitting to call her son Baby Pea.
  10. Baby Pea Clothing started after I designed onesies for Kais - and people loved them. So we began this journey. Our hope is to be able to contribute to Kais's college fund and support local children's charities.

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